Monday, December 5, 2011

The Healing Power of Rose Oil

Feeling down in the dumps? Sniff a rose and feel better. A rose's fragrance can ease depression and uplift the spirit.

 Got dry or aging skin?  Put on a little rose oil and rose hips seed oil. They can heal and rejuvenate the skin.

 Pure rose oil is powerful stuff. Did you know that it has a measurable electrical frequency of 320 Mhz – the highest of all oils!  It is known to kill bacteria in its tracks and promote regeneration of skin tissue, and reduce or erase scarring.

A woman I met once told me that a southern folk healer recommended a blend of pure rosewater and seawater to clear and heal her son's face from chickenpox markings and scars. She tried it and it worked beautifully! Another friend shared that he has had excellent results with rosewater to clear up razor bumps.

Of course, I have to put a disclaimer here and say that these results are individual and that this information isn't a prescription, diagnosis, cure or anything like that.

However, I do encourage you to try rosewater because it is a mild astringent and smells so wonderful. Place a few drops in your face cream and body lotion before applying and notice the difference. Spray all over after a shower or bath, or use as a mild natural perfume. Likewise, rose oil, blended in a carrier oil, like jojoba can be great for massage or bath as well as other creative uses.

But beware.

Before you run out to buy the nearest product which contains "rose" do your homework. There are many face creams, lotions, soaps and body care products that promote themselves as containing the "fragrance of rose", the "essence of rose", or the like. Do your due diligence. Look for PURE rose oil and rose hips seed oil on the label. Otherwise you may be getting just a chemical fragrance that mimics rose, or other oil blends that aren't the real thing and have no therapeutic value.

In future posts, I will offer more great info on the specifics of the healing potential of roses. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about products I have used and recommend, please go to the Product and Service Reviews page.
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