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Soothe Your Dry, Cracked Heels with Rose Oil and Shea Butter

We are definitely in for a frigid winter. For many this means dry, cracked skin. Cold weather, wind and dry interior heat all contribute to the condition.

Rose Oil and Shea Butter to the rescue!  Try adding a drop of rose oil to a nickle-size amount of pure shea butter and rub into your heals.  Rub into heals and feet, then put on your stockings, socks or slippers by day. Do this at night before bed and just get those feet under the covers. I have done this and the cracks and dryness virtually disappear within 24-48 hours!

Why It Works

By combining Rose Oil and Shea Butter you are giving your skin a great moisturizing, sealing treatment. Rose Oil helps to heal and regenerate dead skin cells. Shea Butter is incredibly soothing, nourishing and moisturizing to the skin. It is high in Vitamin E. Shea Butter helps to seal in the skin's moisture which can be lost through exposure to cold, wind, dry heat or even wearing layers of socks.
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The Healing Power of Rose Oil

Feeling down in the dumps? Sniff a rose and feel better. A rose's fragrance can ease depression and uplift the spirit.

 Got dry or aging skin?  Put on a little rose oil and rose hips seed oil. They can heal and rejuvenate the skin.

 Pure rose oil is powerful stuff. Did you know that it has a measurable electrical frequency of 320 Mhz – the highest of all oils!  It is known to kill bacteria in its tracks and promote regeneration of skin tissue, and reduce or erase scarring.

A woman I met once told me that a southern folk healer recommended a blend of pure rosewater and seawater to clear and heal her son's face from chickenpox markings and scars. She tried it and it worked beautifully! Another friend shared that he has had excellent results with rosewater to clear up razor bumps.

Of course, I have to put a disclaimer here and say that these results are individual and that this information isn't a prescription, diagnosis, cure or anything like that.

However, I do encourage you to try rosewater because it is a mild astringent and smells so wonderful. Place a few drops in your face cream and body lotion before applying and notice the difference. Spray all over after a shower or bath, or use as a mild natural perfume. Likewise, rose oil, blended in a carrier oil, like jojoba can be great for massage or bath as well as other creative uses.

But beware.

Before you run out to buy the nearest product which contains "rose" do your homework. There are many face creams, lotions, soaps and body care products that promote themselves as containing the "fragrance of rose", the "essence of rose", or the like. Do your due diligence. Look for PURE rose oil and rose hips seed oil on the label. Otherwise you may be getting just a chemical fragrance that mimics rose, or other oil blends that aren't the real thing and have no therapeutic value.

In future posts, I will offer more great info on the specifics of the healing potential of roses. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about products I have used and recommend, please go to the Product and Service Reviews page.
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Fragrant Roses: Stop and REALLY Smell the Rose

The fragrance literally stopped me in my tracks.

Walking through an unfamiliar neighborhood isn't exactly my idea of fun. But, life brings us unexpected experiences, doesn't it?   The scent of flowers gets me every time. Vibrant, knock-out colors attract my artist's eye.

So, there they were, a row of rose bushes absolutely full of huge blossoms edging the yard as I passed. Their fragrance filled the air with sweetness and I felt my flat mood suddenly lift up to the sky.

Fragrant roses are like catalysts. They somehow get pheromones humming, cause hearts to burst open, and make people and animals smile.

It's rare to find really fragrant roses at the florist anymore. Though lovely, the long-stem roses, cross-bred to eye-catching perfection, sometimes just have a hint of aroma.

If you're like me, you want the heart-burst-open-cause-me-to-smile-take-a-deep-whiff and say-a-ahhhh kind of roses. You want to give them to your girlfriend (if you're a guy), and you want to receive them (if you're a girl.)

Luckily, there are sources for fragrant bouquets!

My kitty just smiled.
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Observe a Rose and Reveal Your True Beauty

In the previous post, the first word in our rose word association list was Observe.

Have you ever really observed a rose – truly examined one – petal by petal, stem, thorns and all? Try it some time and you will be amazed at what you'll find.

Do this in a garden, if you can. Otherwise, find a rose that you really feel drawn to at the nearest nursery, florist or even a health food store.

First of all, get caught up in the rose. Take in every detail: colors, size, swirling petals, subtle or overwhelming scents, textures - you get the picture. Once you do this, you'll begin to realize the true beauty inherent in the flower.

While I was living in Arizona, I was blessed to help out in a garden of 300 organic roses. Between fertilizing, watering and pruning, I'd sometimes sit down and just enjoy the garden. My senses would take in the array of colors, smells of the earth and buzzing of bees all around me.

As one who had begun to work with the essence of rose, I was astonished to realize that a rose can represent both the inner and outer beauty of a person. No matter what your station in life, you are a beautiful spirit. Like a rose, your heart can blossom, bloom and fill the world with fragrance in spite of the thorns of life!

So, what does this have to do with having healthy skin and hair and a beautiful life with roses?

Realizing your inner beauty first makes your outer beauty naturally come forth. The rest is 'dew on the rose'.
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Here is a fun word association list of things you can do with roses:

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Come back often. Sit back and relax with a hot cup of rosehips tea. ENJOY!

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