Monday, December 5, 2011

Fragrant Roses: Stop and REALLY Smell the Rose

The fragrance literally stopped me in my tracks.

Walking through an unfamiliar neighborhood isn't exactly my idea of fun. But, life brings us unexpected experiences, doesn't it?   The scent of flowers gets me every time. Vibrant, knock-out colors attract my artist's eye.

So, there they were, a row of rose bushes absolutely full of huge blossoms edging the yard as I passed. Their fragrance filled the air with sweetness and I felt my flat mood suddenly lift up to the sky.

Fragrant roses are like catalysts. They somehow get pheromones humming, cause hearts to burst open, and make people and animals smile.

It's rare to find really fragrant roses at the florist anymore. Though lovely, the long-stem roses, cross-bred to eye-catching perfection, sometimes just have a hint of aroma.

If you're like me, you want the heart-burst-open-cause-me-to-smile-take-a-deep-whiff and say-a-ahhhh kind of roses. You want to give them to your girlfriend (if you're a guy), and you want to receive them (if you're a girl.)

Luckily, there are sources for fragrant bouquets!

My kitty just smiled.
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